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TGO Challenge

About the TGO ChallengeThe TGO Challenge is an annual self-supported walking event across the Highlands of Scotland, west coast to east coast. The brainchild of well-known writer and mountaineer Hamish Brown, it was first held in 1980.The Challenge is held every May and is sponsored by TGO, the walkers' magazine, in partnership with outdoor equipment specialist Rab.As a Challenger you’ll plan your own route, which will checked by experienced vetters. Their comments may assist in your final preparations. You can plan a high- or a low-level route, or one that blends both. That flexibility, combined with the vast and varied geographical area available, is one of the Challenge’s unique attractions.Many Challengers return year-after-year. Some plan entirely new routes, some repeat favourite sections… you’re free to choose.The Challenge is a backpacking event – you’ll need to carry everything on your back, including food and shelter – but it’s up to you to choose whether you camp all the way across or use a mixture of camping, hostels and B&Bs. The extraordinary hospitality offered by many establishments has become legendary over the event’s 30+ years.There are on the west coast – – while the finish stretches from Fraserburgh to Arbroath on the east coast. All participants must report to TGO Challenge Control in Montrose on finishing.The Challenge is entirely non-competitive. On finishing successfully, all Challengers receive a special badge, certificate and T-shirt. A maximum of 15 days is allowed for the crossing. Most people take between 12 and 14 days, and the average length is about 180 miles. Remember that the Challenge is a walking event: routes involving running will be rejected.The minimum age for entering is 18. While there is no maximum age, older Challengers are strongly advised to have a full medical check-up. The maximum number in a group is four. Many Challengers walk solo or with a companion. Dogs are not permitted.The Challenge is restricted for environmental and administrative reasons to 300 participants each year, plus a number of people associated with the event. The event is generally over-subscribed, so a draw for places is made after the closing date for entries. We try to ensure that no-one is unlucky two years running.The Challenge demands a good level of competence in navigation, survival techniques, campcraft and general hillcraft. It should not be your first experience of backpacking in Scotland (an exception can be made for walkers from overseas, to whom we are always willing to offer particular help). It is also renowned for its sociability and camaraderie, and you will always find you fellow-Challengers willing to help in any way they can.Planning your own route is an essential part of the Challenge. Occasionally, however, it’s inevitable that some need a little advice and assistance. The message board is an excellent place to tap the hard-earned knowledge of more experienced fellow participants.Anyone seeking further advice before applying for the Challenge is welcome to contact the event coordinator, John Manning, on 01729 822547 (phone) or by email at: john@outdoorsmanning.co.uk

12 permitted start points

Acharacle, Ardrishaig, Dornie, Glenelg, Lochailort, Mallaig, Morar, Oban, Plockton, Shiel Bridge, Strathcarron and Torridon

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